On-Site Treating

On-Site Seed Treating

–Fungicide, Insecticide, and Growth Promoter

(Acceleron® Seed Treatment Products are the only seed treatments designed to help maximize performance potential in Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® Soybeans.)

(APRON MAXX is a complete seed treatment for soybeans and contains mefenoxam (33.3%) and fludioxonil (40.3%). APRON MAXX is designed to control a broad spectrum of fungal diseases affecting soybeans and can be combined with liquid inoculants as a slurry. )
–Live Bacteria



Innovative seed treatment technology represents a targeted and effective means of crop protection. Treating the seed can reduce the number of spray applications of insecticides, help increase yields, and support a sustainable means of crop production.

While seed treatments are an integral part of crop protection, everyone – including manufacturers, suppliers, seed treaters and farmers – must use seed treatments and treated seeds responsibly. If a product has the potential to be harmful to a beneficial insect, the risk can be reduced by decreasing the potential exposure of non-target organisms to the product.

Monsanto’s Acceleron® Seed Treatment Product offerings are effective at keeping the active ingredients on the seed. Our seed treatment stewardship and quality team continues to evaluate ways to further reduce dust-off by studying and updating best practices to minimize exposure by controlling the conditions surrounding the planting of treated seeds.?


Apron Maxx

ApronMaxx® RFC (Rhizobia Friendly Concentrate) fungicide provides outstanding disease protection in a concentrated formulation to help take full advantage of inoculant applied to the seed. The rhizobia-friendly formulation protects crop investment and increases the potential for higher yields by reducing the threat of seed- and soil-borne diseases. ApronMaxx RFC inhibits fungal growth, prevents spore production and penetrates the soybean seed coat to protect the developing seedling.


  • Protects the genetic yield potential of soybean seed
  • Improves stand establishment
  • Improves vigor
  • Reduces seed-borne infection
  • Protects against soil-borne disease
  • Helps avoid replanting costs
  • Promotes early canopy cover to suppress weeds
  • Improved handling with less seed sticking and fewer planter problems