Feed Division Sharpens Focus

Our goal in the Harvest Land feed division is to help our customers build viable and profitable livestock enterprises. The livestock industry continues to change, and to better meet the changing needs of our producers,we’ve changed as well.

We’re taking a team approach,with a collection of specialists, each with a different area of expertise. Together, we have decades of experience in swine and beef nutrition, commodity and ingredient pricing and sourcing, and feed manufacturing. Our delivery team is also very experienced and well versed in HAACP procedures.

As agriculture becomes more and more technical, it becomes more difficult to be a jack of all trades. That’s why we have someone specializing in every step of the process, from sourcing through delivery.

Structured to compete

We have turned an unfortunate situation—a fire that destroyed our feedmill in 2008—into a competitive advantage. We now have a new mill with the capacity to grow and the ability to manufacture feed to very precise specifications.

Our computerized equipment ensures uniform, high quality feed. We have the ability to precisely customize mixes. If you have all PIC or other genetics, we can tailor the feed to meet the particular source. The same holds true if you have a particular feeding situation unique to your operation.

Cost-plus pricing allows us to take markets and ingredient availability into account and remain extremely competitive. We offer grain bank, as well as contracts for corn and soybean meal to help with your risk management strategy.
Your need, our mission

Your need, our mission

The Harvest Land feed division has a lot to offer. Whether you are trying to expand to bring in the next generation,
looking for contract barns, or considering independent ownership, we can connect you with industry resources that can make it happen. That’s what our Production Alliance Services are all about.

Many of the management services we offer are unique to our area. For example:

• If you need expert guidance on facilities, genetics, veterinary issues, or marketing, we have industry connections that can provide these specialized services.

• If you want to make adjustments in your marketing, buying, or even change packers, we provide on-farm production consultations.

• We can help with changing feed ingredients, diets, and feed budgeting. Sometimes the biggest feed cost
you have results from missing your budget. We’ll help you determine the check points at which you can switch to a different, more cost-effective diet.

• We offer different risk management options and can source weaned and feeder pigs.

• If you’re considering a new facility we can offer consultation to help you walk through the different quotes. We don’t sell equipment, but are familiar with area builders.

• Finally, if your facilities are getting tired, we can advise you where to spend your money to get the biggest bang for your buck.




Harvest Land wants to help livestock producers make their business even better.

If you’re interested in giving us a try or learning more about any of our services, please give me, Rodney Oswald, a call at 507-249-3196.











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