Construction Updates

Summer is upon us and things are going strong at Harvest Land as we focus on our owners’ success with capital improvements and a new greenfield construction project. This page is to update you, our member owners, on the construction progress at our Morton & Clements/Wabasso locations.

Clements/Wabasso Elevator Project

Harvest Land Cooperative is proud to announce the construction of our Clements/Wabasso Elevator Project.  With an estimated completion date by September 2017, we strive to serve our patrons and the Clements/Wabasso footprint the best way we can.  Below are some general specifications that you can expect from the new elevator.

  • Two (2) 20,000 bushel per hour receiving pits
  • One (1) 20,000 bushel per hour truck receiving pile conveyor
  • 60,000 bushel per hour total dumping capacity
  • 4,500 bushel per hour corn dryer
  • One (1) 400,000 bushel steel bin
  • Two (2) 220,000 bushel steel bins
  • 840,000 total bushel steel bin storage
  • 1.5 million bushel ground pile
  • Over head load out tank
  • Complete facility automation & hazardous monitoring controls
  • Remote scale ticket printer, located at out bound scale

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Aerial View 7-19-17

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Our greenfield project on Highway 71 between Clements and Wabasso is well underway. A lot of progress has been made over the last few weeks and we are excited to see it finally take shape.  Here is an update on where we’re at this week (July 19th):

  • They have started jacking the east 60’ bin.  We are expecting that bin to be completed next week.
  • Concrete has been poured for the control room and electrical room walls
  • Fill conveyors and west bridge were set in place last week
  • Ground pile fill conveyor was installed this week
  • Main leg tower structure has been completely installed
  • Reclaim conveyors under bins are being installed
  • Site roads and drainage continue to take shape
  • Main scale office interior electrical and plumbing work has begun
  • Septic system has been installed
  • Majority of site concrete work has been completed

Morton Elevator Project
In addition with our Clements Elevator Project, we are making additional improvements at our Morton location that we are excited to share.  Some of the main operational upgrades:

  • Installation of a new 20,000 bushel per hour receiving pit
  • Total on site capacity of 60,000 bushel receiving per hour
  • 4 truck receiving pits
  • Installation of a new 7,000 bushel per hour Zimmerman dryer
  • Installation of a new 85,000 bushel wet holding bin
  • Installation of a new stand-alone dual scale system for inbound and outbound traffic
  • Remote ticket printer kiosk on outbound scale
  • Probe station at inbound scale to direct traffic to assigned dumping location

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Chem shed moving

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This project has been going great and is a few weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date. Here is an update on what has been going on the last few weeks (June 28th):

  • New wet/dry leg tower is complete
  • New dryer has been installed and complete
  • New wet holding bin installation is complete – tying in transitions to conveyor
  • Agronomy Chem building has been temporarily moved
  • Routing of new LP gas line for new vaporizer is complete – vaporizer scheduled to be installed mid July
  • Dual scale project scheduled to begin July 5th
  • Total project continues to be a few weeks ahead of the mid-august completion