Heat Abatement in Feedlot Cattle and Cow Calf Herds

Keeping cattle on feed can be a challenge through the summer especially with heat and humidity then add shipping and processing to the equation. Take the necessary precautions to be sure there is more than adequate water available and of good quality. Consider changing feeding times during cooler periods of the day and provide some […]

Morgan Phone System will be down at 2:00 P.M. today

The phone system in Morgan will be down sometime after 2:00 pm this afternoon.  We are not sure how long we will be down, it could be 1 hour or the rest of the afternoon.  Thank you for your patience.   Any urgent calls should be directed to Springfield at 507-723-7350.

HLC will be closed Friday, July 3rd


Fly Control in Beef Cows.

Altosid IGR Beef Presentation

Fly Control in Beef Cows is featured in a PDF Presentation linked below. Click here to view the PDF Presentation        

Newtrastart Feed Supports Performance



Pig Sourcing, Future Plans, Electrolytes, & Cattle Minerals


Pig Sourcing Call us. We have seen sources of pigs open up and these options include: Spot Loads, Investor/Pig Coops, Select Flows and Genetic Sources. Harvest Land has placed groups of quality pigs through multiple systems. If you need something soon or even a year from now, let us as there systems in the works […]

Fetal Programing Drovers


Fetal_Programing_Drovers– Click the link to the left to preview in larger print.  

U of MN Beef Team Cattle Feeder Days


Northern States Beef Conference

Cattle Meeting

SDSU Extension will host the Northern States Beef Conference together with NDSU Extension and Minnesota State Extension Jan. 5-6, 2015 in Morton, Minn., at Jackpot Junction. The conference will include workshops and speakers covering the following topics: Capitalizing on high beef markets; How is the market shaping cattle phenotypes? Breeding programs to supply the U.S. […]

You can reduce new corn silage slump

Testing corn silage can help keep your cows’ production on track Published on October 29th, 2014 Corn silage contains a lot of variation; not only at harvest, but it continues to change during ensiling until fed to the cows, explains Dr. Weakley. If you want to lessen your cows from participating in the annual event […]