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•It all starts with the seed, the single most important input in your production system. That’s why we carry a wide range of seed lines—to make certain we can provide the seed that is a precise fit for your situation. Seed is the most emotional decision a producer will make throughout his growing season.

•Technology/Genetics are changing dramatically each year
–Genuity SmartStax, VT Triple Pro, Drough Tolerance such as Artesian
–Genetics today are bred specifically to be placed on specific acres to perform to their maximum potential.

•The reasons why technology is changing so quickly is due to the fact that we need to double crop yields by 2030 to feed the increasing population in the world.
–The only way we achieve this milestone is through genetics and technology, and that is why seed is such an exciting industry to be involved in.

•Keeping seed as affordable as possible is also a top priority for the Harvest Land seed team. Our account managers are up to speed on all the ever-changing seed discount and reward programs.

•You also can’t beat our service. Our seed warehouse in Springfield is fully stocked, we have on-site seed treatment, and we’ll deliver bulk seed right to your farm.

•For the best deal on the best seed—plus the knowledgeable support you need—get in touch with our seed experts.

Brett Braulick- Seed Division Manager (507) 723-7350