Professional Application

Harvest Land Cooperative has always prided itself in the variety and quality of custom application equipment and services that it has brought to local area producers. This has been and continues to be the focus that Harvest Land has built upon for many years. Providing timely and quality applications and finding ways for Harvest Land to add value to the producer’s operation are the main focuses of our custom application department.

Harvest Land has purchased a complete line of new equipment precision ag equipment, thus bringing the latest in technology and accurate applications to this area.

In its second year, Harvest Land now also offers you, the producer, the ability to have your own anhydrous ammonia variable rate applied. This involves the Harvest Max Grid Sampling program and using the producer’s yield map information. The rate of nitrogen is dictated by your soil types, yield goals, organic matter, and n-credits from other sources. This not only usually reduces input costs, but also provides a means to insure water quality for the future. Practices like these continue to show lawmakers our resolve towards maintaining a quality environment.

As you can see, providing you with the best application out there is our main objective. Selling you unneeded product isn’t. As always, your business is always appreciated and never taken for granted. Please contact your nearest Harvest Land location as soon as possible to line up your custom application needs.

For more information on custom application, please contact Scott Arnsdorf, Agronomy Operations Manager (507) 723-7350.