2013 Side-Dressing

This year we have added a variety of options to meet your side-dressing needs.  One of those options is a Hagie STS12, the Hagie will feature a detachable coulter bar for late season Nitrogen applications.  Along with the coulter bar we will have another Hagie set up with Y-Drop nozzles,  the Y-Drop system will allow us to place fertilizer next to the row in 20″, 22″, and 30″ row spacing’s.  These two systems give us the ability to apply nutrients later in the growing season when corn and soybean plants demand nutrients the most. Also available this year is our Case Patriot equipped with a dry spreader box for top-dress applications.   This is a great option for late season applications of Urea and Ammonium Sulfate.   Harvest Max growers did a lot of testing with the top dress machine in 2012 and will track even more trials in Harvest Max this season with each of the side-dress options.  Below are some pictures showing what each of the side dressing options look like along with some YouTube clips describing their functionality.















Click the links below to learn more about our side-dressing options. To find these options find Agronomy on the main screen- Harvest Max- a list of options will appear on the right side- and you can click on any of these choices.

Top Dress Applications

Hagie Coulter Injection Toolbar

Hagie Y-Drop Liquid Fertilizer Application

The Right Program