Crop Nutrients

As the worldwide agricultural economy continues to evolve, fertilizer markets increasingly resemble their grain and energy counterparts. That’s why the Harvest Land Fertilizer Division is committed to providing risk management solutions to our growers. You contract your grain to manage risk—why not your inputs? That’s why we now offer the option of contracting fertilizer inputs throughout the year.

From soil sampling through financing programs to post-harvest data analysis, trained agronomists are on hand at all of our locations to assist you with your management decisions. What’s more, they can tie your fertility program in perfectly with the chemical and seed resources available from Harvest Land.

Today’s agriculture requires precise input management—the reason we employ variable rate application technology for dry fertilizer and ammonia. Thanks to our Springfield fertilizer terminal, we maintain excellent supplies of liquid and dry fertilizers, as well as liquid starter fertilizer.

With fertilizer locations and a full line of application equipment available in Comfrey, Morgan, Morton, Springfield, and Wabasso, we’re well positioned to respond quickly to your needs.

 For more informationon crop nutrients, please contact our crop nutrients manager, Jim Boyle. Jim can be reached at our Springfield location. (507) 723-7350